Company Background

Since 2004, leading edge start-ups, artists, and members of the tech elite and creative class like have been coming to tax preparer Matthew Whatley, because he understands what they’re trying to achieve, helps them get there, and saves them more money than any other tax guy they’ve ever had.

That’s why they call him the Tax Ninja.

In 2009, Matt began taking on associates – people who he trained and people who he trusted with his own finances – in order to serve more clients, offer new specialty services, and have more fun.

Here in the beating heart of the technological singularity, the rules of the new economy are being rewritten by the day. That’s why more and more innovators and creative thinkers have turned to the Tax Ninjas to handle their finances. Tax Ninjas hone their skills to a lethal edge and think about money creatively so that you can think about everything else.

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